1. NAME The name of the body shall be ""The Philatelic Group of Boston.""

2. MEMBERSHIP Membership shall consist of persons as shall be nominated by any member of The Group provided such nominee has attended, as a guest or as a program speaker, a least two meetings in the six months prior to nomination or, in the case of such nominee having voting residence in other than the New England states, at least two meetings as a guest or a program speaker in the eighteen months prior to nomination and, in both cases, provided the membership has been notified of the nomination in the call for the meeting. Such nominee MAY NOT be present at any meeting at which he or she ir proposed or voted upon. Members shall have the right to vote through any duly elected officer of The Group. Election shall be by secret ballot with assenting votes by two thirds or more of the members present and voting. Associate status may be conferred to active members of at least five years standing who by reason of a change of residency, illness, or other inability are unable to attend meetings. A two thirds hand vote of members present at any meeting is necessary to effect the transfer from Regular (Active) to Associate membership. Associates are welcome to attend meetings when possible but shall not be privileged to vote or to hold office; they will not be required to pay dues.

3. OFFICERS The Officers of The Group shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer. The President shall preside at all meetings of The Group. In the absence of the President the Vice-President shall preside and, in the absence of both, the Secretary-Treasurer shall preside. In the absence of all three elected Officers, the presiding officer shall be elected by those members present. All officers shall serve a term of two years or until qualification of their respective successors.

4. THE SECRETARY TREASURER ----as Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of The Group as the Treasurer shall collect the dues and conserve-disburse the funds of The Group. He shall keep an account in writing of all monies which he or she may receive / disburse and shall report condition of the Treasury to the members at each annual meeting and at such intervals as he or she may be called upon to do so by the presiding officer.

5. COMMITTEES There shall be such standing and special committees as The Group shall from time to time deem advisable. Members of such committees shall be appointed by the President or as provided in the vote creating them.

6. MEETINGS The annual meeting of The Group shall be held during the January meeting of each year. All regular meetings shall be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month unless otherwise adjusted by previous vote, at such place as the Group shall determine. Whenever possible the President shall send, or cause to be sent, notices of all meetings to all members of The Group. Special meetings may be called by the President when he or she judges it necessary or upon written request of three members of The Group. The President shall make the greatest practicable use of electronic mail to distribute notices of meetings provided that any member or other correspondent who does not have access to electronic mail shall be sent each printed notice through the United States Postal Service. The nature of the business to be acted upon at special meetings shall be stated in the notice of said special meeting; no business shall be transacted at such special meeting other than that / those for which the special meeting has been called. All questions of order and of parliamentary law shall be determined by reference to Roberts'' Rules of Order. The Order of Business at regular meetings shall be as follows:

a. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting;

b. Reports of Officers;

c. Reports of Committees;

d. Communications;

e. Election(s) of candidates;

f. Unfinished business;

g. New Business;

h. For the good of The Group;

i. Exhibitions and / or entertainment;

j. Adjournment.

At the annual meetings at which officers are to be elected the Order of Business shall be the same as regular meetings except that officers for the ensuing two years are to be elected immediately following the reading, and approval of, the minutes of the previous meeting. Three members shall form a quorum for transaction of business but a lesser number may meet from time to time.

7. DUES The dues shall be as determined by the membership, payable in January of each year.

8. FISCAL YEAR The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

9. AMENDMENTS These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular or special meetings provided notice of the [proposed amendment is inserted in the call for the meeting at which the amendment shall be voted for approval.