January 15 Steamboats and the Mysterious Packet Markings Bernard Biales
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January 16 Musings on #26 and Civil War Demonetization Paul Bourke
February 20 Rise & Fall of the New York & Cuban Mail SS Co. Yamil Kouri
March 20 Fancy Cancels of Thomaston, Maine Nancy Clark
April 17 U.N.R.R.A. Jeff Shapiro
May 15 US Bank Note Postal History Clark Frazier
June 19 Shameless Self Promotion: Cliff Notes on my new book about the Spanish American War. Yamil Kouri
July 17 TBA David Ball
September 18 TBA Sandeep Jaiswal
October 16 Colonial Mail Tim O'Connor
November 20 TBD Mike Fuchs
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January 17 Women of the Deep Nancy Clark
February 21 Drift Stations David Ball
March 21 Snowed Out Snowed out
April 18 1948 Paul Bourke
May 16 Can't Find Any Envelopes Fred Robichaud
June 20 Shit I Like Mike Morris
July 18 Ottoman Doings Bob Borden
September 19 Philatelic Objet D'Art George Norton
October 17 Deltiology of Provincetown Eric Hildebrant
November 28 Colonial Mail Tim O'Connor
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January 18 Olymphilex 96 Nancy Clark
February 15 Cross-border US/Canada Postal History Eric Hildebrant
March 15 Canal Zone Mike Drabik
April 19 Dr. Franklin before the House of Lords Tim O'Connor
May 17 Postage Due Fred Robichaud
June 21 A Look Back at NY 2016 and a Look Forward to Boston 2026 Mark Butterline
July 19 Fakes, Fantasies and Forgeries Inspired by the War Between the States Bill Crowe
August 19 Lobster Eating Contest at Guy's
September 20 Treasures from the Vault George Norton
October 18 Collecting the 1903 Postal Stationery from Hartford to Boston Connections Nancy & Doug Clark
November 15 The First Transatlantic Mail Service and its Historic Context Yamil Kouri
December 20 Holiday Party & Show 'n Tell All

January 20 Tomas G. Masaryk - 1920 Mike Fuchs
February 17 Ludwig Hesshaimer Mike Morris
March 16 Jackson and Nesbitts Paul Bourke
April 20 Cochin Postal History Thomas Puttanangady
May 18 An Introduction to US Meters and Postal History Jeff Shapiro
June 15 Treasures from the Vault George Norton
July 20 More Postal History of Indian States Sandeep Jaiswal
August 13 Clam Eating Contest at Guy's
September 21 A Non-Treaty Postal Agreement of the US Post Office Department with the British Post Office as an early significant step towards the development of US airmail to European, African, Asian, & Australian destinations Murray Abramson
October 19 Flying Byrd Reunion - 1968 David Ball
November 16 Mail to the Mountians: Early RPO Routes in Northern New England Henry Keutmann
December 21 Holiday Party & Show 'n Tell & Yankee Swap All

January 21 Nesbitts in the Civil War Paul Bourke
February 18 Spanish Antilles First Issue Dr. Yamil Kouri
March 18 Colonial Covers Dr. Tim O'Connor
April 1 CCNY Trip NYC
May 20 Late Mail Strikes on 19th Century Indian Mail Richard Hanchett
June 17 Prexies and WWII Jeff Shapiro
July 15 UN Auxillary Markings Larry Fillion
August 8 Clambake at Guy's
September 16 Verviers Cohn Exchange Covers Doug Clark
October 21 Quaker Irish Famine Relief Bill Duffney
November 18 The Mystery of the Old Tenors: A Baritone in Search of Colonial New England Invariants Bernard Biales
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January 15 Revolutionary Czechoslovakia Mike Fuchs
February 19 The Early Postal History Project Tim O'Connor
March 19 Early Cuba-USA Mail Yamil Kouri
April 16 Weston Postal History Guy Dillaway
May 21 1 cent US #7 Eric Hildebrant
June 18 C3a and Modern Bhutan Postal History Bob Markovits
July 16 50th Anniversary of the DSRV Alvin's Launch Nancy Clark
August TBD Clambake at Guy's
September 17 The Railway Post Office Rick Kunz
October 15 Great Postal History Findings in Rural New England Doub Doubleday
November 19 Cuban Mail during the Spanish-American War Yamil Kouri
December 17 American Astrophilately - The First Fifty Years David Ball

January 16 CAM Covers George Sioris
February 20 Twentieth Century Postal History Rarities Jeff Shapiro
March 20 Pitcairn Island: Post Office and Community Mark Butterline
April 17 Leominister Labels Paul Bourke
May 15 Classic Mexican Special Delivery Bob Markovits
June 19 Early New Zealand - USA Mail Bob Watson
July 17 20th Century Rarities, but I am not Getting Rich Paul Bourke
August 6 Clambake at Guy's
September 18 The New Haven Bee Hive and Related Mysteries Bernard Biales
October 16 British Civil Censorship in Hong Kong During WWII Mike Mead
November 20 Classic Greek Airmail (and Friends) Bob Markovits
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January 18 Early Contract Steamship Mail Yamil Kouri
February 15 Early Nesbitt Envelopes Affected by the Civil War Paul Bourke
March 21 Jefferson Classics Eric Hildebrant
April 18 Tim O'Connor
May 16 Philately Has Turned My Life Upside Down Bob Markovits
June 20 Adventures and Stories of a Philatelist Steve Waxer
July 28 Clambake at Guy's
September 19 Leominster Label Covers Paul Bourke
October 17 The Devil's Post Office Bill Duffney
November 28 Georgia's Railroads to the Civil War Doug Clark
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January 19 New Bedford Bob Borden
February 16 Stampless Maine Nancy Clark
March 16 Post WWII Occupation of Germany Myron Fox
April 20 Central & Western Mass Rail Road Postal History Henry Keutmann
May 18 Piscataqua Puzzle Nancy Clark
June 15 Military Camps in the U.S. during the Spanish American War Yamil Kouri
July 20 O Canada! Eric Hildebrant
August 20 Clambake Guy's Place
September 21 2c Locomotive Bob Markovits
October 19 APS Young Philatelic Leaders Fellowship Program Alex Haimann
November 16 Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard Steamboat Mail Doug Clark
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January 20 Morrill Brothers Printers Jim Kotanchik
February 17 Salem Massachusetts, First of the Seconds Bernard Biales
March 17 Give My Regards to Broadway Jeff Shapiro
April 21 50c Clipper Jeff Shapiro
May 19 Auxiliary Markings Nancy Clark
June 16 US Columbian Special Delivery Stamp of 1893-4 Bob Markovits
July 21 Bosnian Overprints Mike Morris
August ? Clam Bake
September 15 Treasure from the Spellman Vault George Norton
October 20 1869 Pictorial Show and Ask Eric Hildebrant
November 17 Nineteenth Century Indian Mail via Marseilles Paul Allen
December 15 Yankee Swap + Show and Tell All

January 21 Nesbitt Star Dies in the Demonetizations Period Paul Bourke
February 18 A Franklin County Sampler Jim Kotanchik
March 18 Oh Look What I Found! Bruce Hazelton
April 19 Philatelic Art of Robert Hines Eric Hildebrant
May 20 C24 Winged Globe Airmail Stamp Bob Markovits
June 17 Origin of the Postcard Bruce Nelson
July 15 Stamps and PH of the Unlisted State of Kotah Sandeep Jaiswal
August ? Clam Bake
September 16 2c Brown Banknote Matt Kewriga
October 21 Part 3 of "Look what I Found!" Bruce Hazelton
November 18 Transatlantic Mail John Pemberton
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January 16 Nesbitt Postal Stationery Paul Bourke
February 20 World War II Prexies Jeff Shapiro
March 19 Trash(ed) Mail Jim Kotanchik
April 16 Youth and the Future of Philately Nancy Clark
May 21 Russian Classics George Norton
June 18 Malaria Larry Fillion
July 16 Boston Transatlantic Mail and the Treaty of 1848 John Pemberton
August 9 Clam Bake
September 17 Auxiliary Markings - Postage Verified Nancy Clark
October 15 British India during Victoria's Reign Paul Allen
November 19 Hawaiian Discoveries Bruce Hazelton
December 17 Apprenticing to be a Dealer Andrew Patkin

July 18 The Grinnells - History and the REAL Inside Story Jeffrey Weiss
August 4 Clam Bake
September 19 Modern First Day Cover Collecting Nancy Clark
October 17 Letter from Berwick (Colonial Mail Routes of Maine) Nancy Clark
November 14 Original Research Into the Process of Demonetizations in 1861 Paul Bourke
December 19 Yankee Swap